UX/UI Designer & Manager

Join a creative team that’s as passionate about problem-solving as we are about design.


Position Overview

Calypso is seeking a candidate with both right and left brain tendencies — someone who can sit down and design a beautiful web interface, and then turn around, manage the development process, and take the project over the finish line. 


As a UX/UI designer, you will collaborate with creative and marketing teams to concept and strategize based on a client’s goals and target audience behavior/needs. You should have solid web design experience and understanding of responsive design principles. You will be ultimately responsible for creating both the information architecture (site map, wireframes) and the visual design for a given website project. You will be the conduit with developers, ensuring the design is implemented faithfully and lining up all of the technical necessities for launch. While you are not a developer, it is necessary that you can “speak developer” to a degree, and have a solid understanding of the relationship between the design and the creation of the end product.


On a daily basis, you will oversee the maintenance of our hosted client websites, acting as a channel of communication between the client and developer when necessary. In this role, you will serve as a resource for clients — when they reach out for support, you should be able to do basic initial troubleshooting, when possible, or elevate the issue to the right person.




        • Develop and produce exceptional creative strategies and concepts that solve the identified challenge and align with clients’ brand personality


      • Work directly with a variety of clients
    • Participate in client and team meetings, providing ideas and insights
    • Collaborate with creative and marketing team members and developers
    • Lead the UX strategy and execution
    • Collaborate with developers and creative and marketing team members on a daily basis
    • Coordinate with developers to QA, launch, and remediate issues
    • Responsibly manage schedules and budgets for multiple projects


      • Minimum 3-5 years of experience; agency experience preferred
      • A strong portfolio of strategic work for products and/or organizations
      • Proven ability to produce superior concepts for digital projects

      • Ability to conceptualize ideas and connect them to the project/brand goals

      • Experience working with developers and marketing teams

      • Strong attention to detail and adherence to design principles

      • Deep understanding of layout/composition, typography, and color theory

      • Practical knowledge of appropriate design and production software and techniques

      • Ability to work with multiple clients simultaneously

      • Ability to present work and take feedback from senior leadership, account team members and clients



    • Experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD

    • Experience implementing designs within HubSpot
    • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JSFast learner with an inquisitive mind and eye for detail
    • Familiarity with Microsoft Suite


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