Option Research & Technology Services (ORATS)

A SaaS Looking to Scale

An ambitious startup picks up the pace.

Option Research and Technology Services (ORATS) is the option trading software company that offers tools to help traders optimize their trading strategies and improve their data sets. ORATS came to Calypso looking for a stronger brand, an improved user experience, and a growth strategy that would allow them to quickly scale.

How we helped

Brand Identity / Web Design & Development / Inbound & Digital Marketing


Brand Identity
Web Design & Development
Inbound & Digital Marketing

Our main objectives


Simplify user experience across digital platforms


Streamline and automate  marketing and sales tools


Increase conversions and buying opportunities

ORATS homepage
ORATS product graphics

Equity options information at its best.

From its beginning on the Cboe trading floor, ORATS has always been a company designed to help traders gain more insight into options data. As such, it only made sense for us to focus on the educational aspects of ORATS by curating content, improving user experience, and simplifying the buying journey. Part of this included setting marketing and design priorities to help increase visibility and lead growth.

Upping the options game.

Through a thorough examination of ORATS’ digital presence and place in the market, we set out to define buyer personas and the buying journey. To separate ORATS from its competitors, we examined several players in the space and looked at a variety of leading SaaS companies. Once we landed on an appropriate path forward, Calypso designed and developed a new website with a streamlined approach for building leads and driving sales. Alongside a new digital experience, Calypso developed a comprehensive marketing strategy designed for rapid growth. With a mix of automation, inbound marketing, and PR, we helped expand ORATS’ reach and influence in the equity options trading industry. We continue to evolve the brand's identity and marketing tactics as its agency of record.


organic search growth in the first 6 months


average increase in monthly qualified leads

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