Graphic Designer

Join a creative team that’s as passionate about problem-solving as we are about design.


Position Overview

Calypso is seeking a talented graphic designer who knows that good design is more than pretty pixels — it should serve a larger purpose and overall brand strategy. We’re looking for someone who can listen to a client’s goals and target audience wants/needs and conceptualize and execute strategic brand designs.


As a graphic designer, you will work on a number of different types of projects, including branding, print, digital, and video. You will collaborate with creative and marketing teams to brainstorm and create brand strategies. You should have solid experience creating visual strategies and assets for brands, and extending a visual style across multiple platforms and media.


Before even opening up a program to begin a design, you should have a solid idea of the problem you’re aiming to solve and be able to communicate it clearly. You should be able to come up with multiple ways to tackle a design problem, and be able to articulate and defend your reasoning for every visual choice you make. We’re looking for someone who is also a competent writer and comfortable explaining his/her work in a written format as well as presenting to the team and clients.




        • Develop and produce exceptional creative strategies and concepts that solve the identified challenge and align with clients’ brand personality


      • Concept and produce designs for branding, print, digital, and video projects
    • Work directly with a variety of clients
    • Participate in client and team meetings, providing ideas and insights
    • Collaborate with creative and marketing teams on a daily basis
    • Responsibly manage schedules and budgets for multiple projects



    • Minimum 3-5 years of experience; agency experience preferred
    • A strong portfolio of strategic work for products and/or organizations
    • Experience working with creative and marketing teams and directly with clients
    • Strong attention to detail and adherence to design principles
    • Deep understanding of layout/composition, typography, and color theory
    • Practical knowledge of appropriate design and production software and techniques
    • Able to conceptualize ideas and connect them to the project/brand goals
    • Competent writing skills
    • Comfortable speaking to clients and at times leading presentations
    • Ability to present work and take feedback from senior leadership, account team members and clients
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to multitask and to juggle multiple clients and projects at one time
  • Passionate about your craft and always looking to expand your skills and knowledge




      • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
      • Ability to work in a fast-moving, dynamic, and team-oriented environment
      • Fast learner with an inquisitive mind and eye for detail
      • Ability to work with multiple clients simultaneously


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