Feeney Brothers Utility Services

Digital Transformation for a Growing Service Company

The best utility contractor no one had ever heard of.

Feeney Brothersan established and rapidly expanding utility service company located in Boston, MA, was suffering from some growing pains. As it continued to increase its workforce, equipment inventory, and capabilities, the company's leadership knew it was big enough and strong enough for any challenge. The only obstacle was finding customers that knew it, too. Calypso stepped in to help create a new strategy that would attract the right customer base and bolster employee recruitment efforts.

How we helped

Website Design & Development / Video Production / Reputation Management


Website Design & Development
Video Production
Reputation Management

Our main objectives


Strengthen the brand's web and social media presence


Expand the company's customer base by increasing brand recognition among area utility companies


Promote company culture and support recruitment initiatives

Feeney Brothers website
Feeney Brothers Service Video
Utilities video shoot

Building up a powerful digital presence.

We worked closely with the Feeney Brothers team to determine business goals and objectives, identify target audiences, and define key messages. Using this knowledge, we formulated and executed a brand communications plan — a “roadmap”, if you will. This plan included streamlining the company's social media presence, taking control of its accounts and starting to push out regular, proactive content.

To visually demonstrate the company's vast capabilities, we shot and edited a series of videos and photos of crews at work. Using this new image library, we created a more impactful website that accurately reflects the brand, clearly communicates the scope of its services, and relates the company’s unique history and company culture.

It was energy well spent.

The new website has given Feeney Brothers the boost it needs to ramp up its marketing efforts, and continues to assist in attracting a qualified workforce that can meet the demands of customers. And the use of the new videos and messaging on the company's social media channels has already had a monumental effect on engagement.


views of a company culture video in 3 months


increase in organic social post reach within 3 months

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