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Why the “Pork Chop” Video Should Have Failed

OK, admit it, sometimes you think, “PLEASE stop posting random heart-tugging videos! I’ve got things to do, people.” But occasionally you watch one and, my god, it reaffirms your role as a human. You laugh with the video, you cry, and sometimes it moves you to hit the almighty “Share” button.

Well, one such example is the “Pork Chop” video. It’s having quite the run, and deservedly so. Haven’t seen it? Click play below:



The actual title is “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan, and it’s being spread far and wide by the good people at As a matter of fact, if you’re thinking of sharing it, I encourage you to do so through their site.


It is beautifully done, it definitely moved me, and I immediately wanted to show my friends. But after some more reflection, I realized something greater about the nature of art. If someone had sent me a description of this video, maybe even shown me storyboards, chances are I would have said, “Meh.” I probably would have thought that the constant shifts in animation styles would be distracting, the run time too long, and the voiceover overly dramatic. But it worked.


Why? I think a big part of it is the subject matter. Even if you were considered one of the “beautiful people” in high school, chances are, deep down, in some part of you, you still sting a little from a time when you were rejected. It’s a universal human emotion that resonates deeply. When someone shares that sort of story with you in an open way, you can’t help but drop your arms from the crossed position and sympathize.


That’s the power of art delivered authentically. It doesn’t have any limitations; there are no formulas or rules. When you see something authentic that resonates with a deep part of you and is done to the best of the creator’s ability—it simply works.


So—yup, glad I watched it. It reaffirmed my feeling as a human, but it also gave me a nice booster shot against artistic cynicism.

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