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Visual Marketing: How to Tackle Today's Short Attention Span

Providing eye-catching visuals like infographics, animations, and video will allow your message to reach your audience even faster than text alone. Your visuals should capture your message perfectly, leaving little room for interpretation.

 Picture this: You have 10 seconds to sell your product and only two options for advertising that product, which are:


  1. Presenting an image that works as a reflection of your product and let the minds of your audience do the rest.
  2. Devising a 10-second statement that captures your product perfectly.


Example of visual marketing versus textual marketing

While both options may seem pretty straightforward, it is important to recognize that we use words to stimulate a mental image, so ask yourself, what do your words provide that the picture does not? If you think about it, images deliver an instant conclusion to what it is the brain needs to process, therefore requiring a lot less mental work on the customer’s end.


That being said, to have the right effect, the visual you choose should capture your brand identity and message perfectly and leave very little room for further interpretation. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself, what do you take from the image at first glance, and is that the message you are trying to get across?


In the marketing world, visuals will set you apart.


According to an article on Business 2 Community, “The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information sent to the brain is visual.” And by providing eye-catching visuals like infographics, animations, and video, your message will reach your audience even faster. What better way to increase engagement?


Today’s technology and the ability to access information right at your fingertips brings engagement to an all-time high, therefore setting a new standard for marketing companies. The increased use of smartphones and tablets has only further enabled consumers to “skim” content for key information, further providing opportunities for visual marketing. The same Business 2 Community article says, “Pages with images or video draw, on average, 94% more views than their text-only counterparts.” That’s great news for those who are already using visuals to their advantage.


Ultimately, consumers are drawn to visuals because they are meant to capture attention, while written words tend to look more formal and dull. Now more than ever, fame is born from images which receive millions of hits and videos that have gone viral. Straying from the use of graphics would be a missed opportunity as now is the time to be embracing them.

Houssam Aboukhater

Managing Partner

Houssam is Calypso's managing partner. He works with our client partners to ensure our work is productive and successful. He often writes about the changing digital landscape and integrated marketing strategies.

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