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The 3 Types of Video Your Business Needs

Explainer, culture and update videos are all great resources to add to any marketing strategy.


Your time is valuable. In case you can’t watch the video here’s a quick recap to get your next video off the ground. 

Explainer Videos

If you’re a relatively new company or you feel your audience doesn’t understand what you do here’s your chance to tell all. Go into detail and explain who your company is, what makes you unique, and what you have to offer. An explainer video also gives you a chance show your company is made up of real people. Like legit real, with personalities and passions and faces. And they know a thing or to about how to give exceptional service to your customers.  

Here’s a video we recently made for ourselves if you want to see an exampleCalypso - Get To Know Us

Culture Videos

Your company is more than just the product you produce or the problems you solve. Your company is made up of people with unique personalities. And your company has a recognizable dynamic as well. Culture videos pull back the curtain and show the human side of your business. Whether it’s a company outing or just capturing something quirky that your team does at the office, these videos help make your company more relatable. It makes working with you look fun.

Our team volunteered at a nature preserve this summer and we knew we wanted to capture that experience. Here’s the result: Calypso Cares

Update Videos

Have a neat update on a product your launching? Change to the event your hosting? Update videos are an easy, and convenient tool to quickly relay information to your audience. If you need to blast out into the ether, use your smartphone to get the job done. If it’s something more complex you want, consider hiring a video production team to make your vision a reality.

These are just a couple of video types to choose from. If you really don’t know where to start they’re all great candidates to add to any marketing strategy. 

Video (Pre)Production Checklist

Get the tools you need to plan a successful video project.


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