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Play to Your Strengths; It Brings You Business

There are many ways to position your brand for success. The surest way is to find what make your team great and advocate for those skills.

Communications and marketing agencies today follow many different paths. Some choose to focus on PR and crisis management. Others have expertise in graphic or interactive design skills. Still more build deft social and digital media campaigns. Few firms combine the different skills of their team members and increase the services they offer – perhaps wary that a broad skill set may not appeal to clients with specialized needs. But your team – their talents, interests, and strengths – are what makes your business unique.


Some successful agencies describe their own “brand” to align with the unique and dominant capabilities of their team. This move should be comfortable for owners, as it allows them to “chase” new business in a defined audience of organizations that need their help, to recruit from a well-connected family of similarly trained folks, and to execute work easily graded against past deliverables. Design firms pursue clients with graphic needs. Inbound marketers follow retail partners with revenue goals. Web developers appeal to the need to keep up with the competition.


We founded Calypso Communications in 2000 when, understandably, clients had different expectations. Inbound marketing was unheard of; social media was emerging; crisis management followed a well-worn, well-known media trail; the jury was still out on video and animation; and the transformative power of the Internet for communicators was just being realized. Fortunately, our early strategic vision has been unaffected by these trends.


Calypso formed to help clients grow. Full stop.


In that respect, nothing has changed. We demand a solid platform of excellent writing, made more proficient when combined with strong listening skills, rigorous editing, and collaborative client partners. If we need to mount a strategic war of words and messages against a crisis, we do. If we have to find a creative way to illustrate a complex technology for uninformed consumers, we find one. If we need brand images for new startups or revised identities for established companies, we create them.


What has changed is the way we help clients grow. Our staff – PR pros, brand and marketing specialists, and the area’s best graphic and interactive designers – have grown in number since 2000, but our business development vision is intact. We’ve added key modern skills that help today’s clients meet evolving strategic goals – whether marked by revenue, ranking, membership, consumer ratings, employee satisfaction, or Web metrics. Inbound marketing. Animation. Videography. Web development. Branding. We do it all and do it well, with a small but exceptionally talented team.


Developing new business in this environment is always important. So, how do we chase new accounts? How do we compete with other agencies when our skills are so varied and client needs so focused? How do we play the game? Simply, we don’t.


Calypso markets by example.


We advertise through our work, by showing our experience and expertise in the industries in which we’ve worked.


We still insist on the best writing around, leading to a thoughtful and precise core message development portfolio for clients. We design and deploy carefully strategic PR campaigns that measurably move clients past adversity and engage new opportunity. We render the most complex products with unique graphic simplicity and create client imagery that turns heads and hearts for their consumers. We showcase start-up partners with visible thought leadership. We help convey the small-town culture of billion-dollar global clients. We use the latest communications technologies to bring alive the history of the area’s oldest firms.


In short, we consistently demonstrate what we do best in order to help our partners do what they do best. New industries notice, new businesses pay attention, and those who appreciate the excellence and diversity of our work product always seem to reach out. It turns out that we’ve been practicing “inbound marketing” all along.


By always trying to be the best communications partner we can, we drive our clients’ success. And their success is magnetic.

Kevin Stickney


Kevin is Calypso’s founder. He meets with our partners to learn their messaging and marketing needs. Kevin writes about strategic PR, crisis communications, and the ins-and-outs of operating a small business.

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