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The Intern Bucket List: Complete

What can I say about my time here at Calypso? To start, I need to mention how lucky I am to be able to work with such a great group of people. I thoroughly enjoy coming to work each day because of how creatively hilarious each person is.

With that said, I will talk about the remainder of what I accomplished on my “Intern Bucket List,” starting with No. 7: “Learn at least one helpful tip or skill from a co-worker every day.” I was able to cross this off the bucket list because of the immense wealth of knowledge this group has. However, the most important lesson I have learned from each person is: 


The PR Team: Each person has their expertise and from each of them I was able to take away a skill that will be useful for the rest of my career. I learned about crisis management, social media, what a comma splice is, how to deal with difficult clients, and much more.


The Creative Team: They taught me that having a blast at work is possible, and how beneficial it is to work with a group of such hilarious people. Not only for the creative ideas, but also because of the vibe they bring to the office.


Angela: She has been the person I could go to for absolutely anything and everything, which I probably did. She is the reason that I can actually write a decent press release now by both giving me the opportunity to write them and coaching me through it. She is a wealth of knowledge and I enjoyed being able to work so closely with her.


Mike: He taught me that there is no idea too crazy to bring up, and when in doubt, send a ThighMaster.


Sharon: She taught me how I would want manage a team. I can’t even put into words how amazing I think her energy and personality is. From the very first day she was a welcoming presence and that was more than I could ask for.


With these newly found skills I was also able to cross No. 14, “Feel prepared for a career in PR,” and No. 12, “Beef up my resume,” off my list. While I still have so much to learn, I now know how a PR company runs and how to effectively be part of a PR team.


No. 6, “Make media connections,” and No. 8, “Network,” go together. Through press release pitching and follow-ups I was able to maintain a relationship with the local media. I was able to network not only with all of the people at Calypso, but also with various clients, especially the great group of women at Arts in Reach (AIR). That segues into No. 11, “Go to a client meeting.” The first client meeting I went to was for AIR, and I left genuinely enthusiastic about our work together as well as the organization in general.


No. 4, “Contribute to a brainstorm meeting,” was accomplished last week when I was able to sit in on a creative team brainstorm about Calypso’s new “Digital Schmigital” video series shorts, and I am so glad I was able to witness the ideas and funny material at that meeting. I think the most meaningful part to me, however, was the fact that they valued my opinion enough to let me vote on which idea I liked the best. Calypso really knows how to make an assortment of people who work together feel like family.


That leaves me with my final two: No. 9, “Create a SWOT analysis” (which I have finished) and No. 10, “Present in front of the entire company.” This afternoon, on my last day here at Calypso, I will give my first presentation to the team. It has meant so much to me not only that I was able to learn from such an amazing group, but also that I got to know each person, as an individual and I genuinely believe that this is the best group of people and company I have worked for. I will consider myself lucky if the group of people at my next job is half as cool as the group we have here.


Brittany Duffy is finishing her senior year at the University of New Hampshire, where she studies communications. As a Calypso spring intern, Brittany has assisted the PR and marketing teams on various projects. She plans to pursue a career in fashion or sports PR as well as event coordinating.

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