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How We Write Effective Website Copy for Challenging Clients

Believe it or not, even though writing is one of Calypso’s many service offerings and we are a firm filled with professional writers, we sometimes struggle with website copy. Not because we can’t write—on the contrary, we provide content all the time. 

Instead, our struggle involves getting a client to sign off on the copy because the client is one or more of the following types:


Client A: Let’s Keep it Our Little Secret.


Client A offers a product or service that is unique and revolutionary, but in no uncertain terms do they want us to talk about that product or service on the website. If we did, we might as well be handing the hidden treasure map directly over to the enemy.


Client B: Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf.


Client B would rather avoid a topic or situation in its entirety than run the risk that the content is controversial or, in rare financial instances, violating legal regulations. They are afraid of their own shadow.


Client C: We Know Our Business and You Don’t.


Client C slashes through the content we’ve created and rewrites it into their own speak—a highly technical language filled with industry jargon and unidentified acronyms that only they and their direct competition can understand.


If you engage a professional writer to create your website copy, you likely recognize that properly written content attracts a target audience (your potential customer); builds your audience’s trust by addressing their need, question, or problem (sharing your expert knowledge or product benefits); inspires that audience to take action (contact you); and, ultimately, leads that audience to employ your services or use your product (conversion into a customer). Or maybe you just know that you need content for your website, but you don’t have the time or the ability to do it yourself. Either way, your writer can’t succeed in attracting an audience to your website if he or she is completely stonewalled against providing useful information. So what is the solution?


If you, the client, are unwilling to budge as A, B, or C, we, the writers, use a compromised approach to continue creating content:


1) Talk about the problem your product or service solves.


When someone searches for that particular problem, he or she will land on your website. You attract the right audience, and that audience will understand that you are knowledgeable about the subject.


2) Use a “call to action” to encourage your reader to contact you.


You can vet the person or company before responding or giving away information.


3) Write a blog.


Use your blog to speak your industry language. You will come across as an expert, while maintaining the website copy to attract your audience.


When Calypso clients fall into one of these types, our question is always the same,


“How will you set yourself apart from the competition if you don’t tell your audience what you do?”


Your website is a valuable marketing tool. Once someone lands there, you should do everything you can to keep them there, or at least encourage return visits. If you refuse to divulge your value proposition on your website in a clear, understandable way, your intended audience will never be reached, your message will go unheard, and you’ll fail to deliver the great products and services you’ve worked diligently to create. Start with what you’re comfortable sharing, trust that your agency writers will guide you in the right direction, step boldly out in front of the competition, and take note of what a smart website strategy can do for your business.

Robyn Sealock

Senior Writer

Robyn is a senior writer at Calypso. She meets with partners to discuss their messaging needs and works with them throughout the project. Robyn writes about content strategies and how to fall without hurting yourself.

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