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How to Shoot Engaging Interviews

Filming interviews is a great way to explain your brand and put a personable face to your company’s name. Create an engaging video by planning ahead and choosing an interesting location to film, utilize two cameras to keep it dynamic, and of course, pay close attention to the lighting.

Hopefully video is a part of your marketing strategy. Video is proven to be more effective at engaging your audience, creating trust, and generating conversions. If you are creating videos, chances are you’ll be filming some interviews to explain your brand and put a personable face to your company’s name. Take a few minutes to check out our video that will put you on the path to success and help your interview videos stand out from the crowd.


How To Shoot Engaging Interviews - R2-1


No worries if you skipped the video and jumped straight down here. Here’s the skinny:

  • Choose an interesting location for your interview to retain the audiences’ interest.

  • Film with 2 cameras: one facing your subject directly and the other at an angle to give you options when editing.
  • Consider putting one camera on a slider to create fluid, dynamic shots.
  • Use three-point lighting to give your subject separation from the background.
  • Plan ahead and pack only the equipment you know you’ll need plus a couple backups. There’s no need to be lugging around loads of gear.


Interested in the gear we used for this video? We’ve got you covered:



Cinematography App - Artemis Director’s App



Audio Recorder - Zoom H6

Microphone - Sony Wireless Lavalier


Camera Gear

Camera - Canon 7D mk ii

Lens - Canon 50mm


Camera Support

Tripod - Manfrotto 504HD

Slider - Edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO



Lighting - Manfrotto Lykos

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