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How Qualifying a Lead is Much Like Dining Out

Have you ever been seated at a table in a restaurant, ordered a drink, and then looked at the food menu only to realize there’s nothing whatsoever you find appetizing? And because you already unrolled the napkin, took a sip out of the water glass, and watched the bartender shaking your martini, you feel obligated to order something, ANYTHING, just to allay your guilt for wasting the server’s time?

While Calypso isn’t a restaurant, we surely don’t want a potential client to sit down at our conference table, agree to a plan of action, sign a proposal, and then secretly regret hiring us. Lucky for us, we can question our potential clients beforehand to make sure we’re able to meet their needs. This process is known as “qualifying a lead,” and it’s an integral part of our sales process.


You will probably be asked the following questions if you ever consider dining at Calypso:


“What services are you interested in?”


You shouldn’t go to a burger joint if you’re craving sushi, and you shouldn’t come to us if you’re looking for financial advice. We offer plenty of services, like PR, creative, crisis communication, social media, writing, etc.


Let’s start by making sure our cuisine will satisfy your craving.


“Do you have a timeline in mind?”


You know when you and your date order a quick meal before going to a movie, but you miss the first few scenes because a party of 18 celebrating grandpa’s birthday placed their orders right before you? The food for both parties is being prepared in the same kitchen, so it’s best to let your server know ahead of time that you’re in a rush. Likewise, if you need a new website built in time to show it off at a trade show that’s three weeks away, that information is crucial to a. make sure that we have the manpower to work on your request, and b. assess whether or not we can move around other projects to accommodate your needs.


“Do you have a certain budget?”


Like varying grades of meat at a steakhouse, we offer services at a variety of price points. We work with clients with all size budgets, but we want to make sure we’re not suggesting you order Kobe beef when your budget only allows for flank steak.


“What are you trying to accomplish?”


Say you mention to your server that you want to eat a light meal before attending a Bikram yoga class, yet you order fettuccini Alfredo with an extra helping of Alfredo sauce. Your server would be doing you, the restaurant, and the yoga studio a disservice if he placed that order without raising a red flag. Likewise, expect us to raise a red flag if you come to us with a goal of increasing sales and request we place ads in a magazine that doesn’t target your audience. We want to make sure you get the best return on your investment, and if we aren’t vested in your success, you will walk away unhappy.


“Have you worked with an agency before?”


You’ve likely been asked by a restaurant host or server, “Have you dined with us before?” The intention is to avoid any surprises by a unique dining experience, like one that might include patrons throwing peanut shells on the floor and servers line dancing between tables. We like to make sure people know that an agency offers a unique approach to any project, especially an integrated agency like Calypso. When (and if) you visit our office, you’ll see a member of our creative team sitting next to a member of our PR team. This collaborative approach creates for you a well-rounded product that includes input from the breadth of the entire organization.


“Where are you located? Where are your customers located?”


Do you want to be that international chain of seafood restaurants that runs ads in New Hampshire even though your closest location is 95 miles away in Connecticut? Let’s make sure you spend your money accordingly, and that you actually reach your target audience.


“What size is your company?”


We have worked with sole proprietorships to multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies with over 50,000 employees. We just need to know where to seat you in our restaurant, how many servers will accommodate your group, who will be making the ultimate decisions on what you order, and whether or not we should offer you a full bottle of wine or just a glass.


Qualify your leads before you find your customers Yelping their dissatisfaction with their experience.

Robyn Sealock

Senior Writer

Robyn is a senior writer at Calypso. She meets with partners to discuss their messaging needs and works with them throughout the project. Robyn writes about content strategies and how to fall without hurting yourself.

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