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You’ve Got a Video. Now What?

Congratulations! You created a video! Now what? Just like everything else you produce, video shouldn’t be a standalone piece of marketing. It should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy—working with other pieces to effectively convey your organization’s message across multiple channels.

But let’s say you made your video before you read this post, and now all your hard work is just collecting dust on your computer’s desktop. Or maybe you’re thinking about creating a video, but don’t have any ideas on what to do with the completed piece of content. Here are some quick and dirty tips on where and how to use video:


Go Offline


Does your company attend conferences or trade shows? Do you host forums or workshops? Grab the necessary equipment and play your video during your presentation, at your booth, or really anywhere else you can find an audience.




Do you have an email newsletter? Include the link. Are you emailing a prospective customer about something relevant? Include the link. Are you sending out a press release or news pitch? Include the link. (Are you seeing a trend? Good.)




Granted, this is fairly obvious. But it’s worth including a reminder since videos on YouTube contribute so heavily to SEO, which is imperative for your organization’s online growth.




Even if the video is a bit older, utilize social media tools to keep re-sharing. Take advantage of #ThrowbackThursday or toss up an #ICYMI post to catch audience members who may have missed it the first (or third) time.




Embed the video on your site’s landing page or even on secondary pages with relevant content. There’s no rule that says your video can only live in one place!


Paid Advertising


Consider using your video as the foundation for a paid social advertising campaign. Use it to direct people to your organization, products, or services. People love watching videos and are much more likely to click an ad if it’s something entertaining and engaging.


These are just a few suggestions on where and how to use your video. But really, the key is to integrate video into your overall marketing strategy from the beginning.


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