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Creating a Recognition-Rich Agency Culture

It’s the holiday season. I am sure you’ve already given thanks for your health, loving family, and friends.  It’s been proven over and over again—giving thanks verbally is a powerful motivator, for your spouse, child, customer, and employee alike.

Savvy leaders have already figured this out and strive to create recognition-rich cultures, where employees strive to do more, do better, and excel.


So how do you create such a recognition-rich culture?


1)  Just do it! Don’t wait for the year-end review, give praise in the moment, or as soon after as possible.


2) Make it personal. Some recognition programs include gift giving. If you are planning on gift giving, ask the recipient what they will appreciate. What do they want that they wouldn’t buy for themselves?


3) Be specific. While a generic, “Great job, everyone!” is nice, a more meaningful approach would be to cite specifics. What was so great? How did the team impact the company? How do their efforts tie back to the company’s values?


Calypso has been very successful in creating a recognition-rich agency culture. You’ll find senior leaders giving recognition, and peers giving each other kudos routinely. Gratitude is frequently and authentically given from all levels within the firm.


Let’s face it; decisions are often based on emotions. Saying “thank you” shows your employees, customers, clients, and coworkers that you care about them and what they bring to your business.


At Calypso, we largely work by referral, so building strong relationships with our clients is a key priority. Besides delivering top-notch work, we find ways to provide value, assure our clients we are looking out for their best interests, and offer appreciation for their business.


Our current client appreciation program includes personal notes and face-to-face checks-ins, among other efforts. During the new year we’ll incorporate new channels for employee and client recognition. Keep an eye on our blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as we feature client honor rolls, short videos, and client showcases and testimonials—and as we express gratitude for a client win, project wrap, or employee success.


Giving thanks feeds the soul—of the giver as well as the receiver.

Angela Carter

Senior Vice President, COO

Angela is Calypso's senior VP and COO, and handles client billing and consults on PR projects. She’s an expert in corporate communications, talent recruitment, and non-profit relations.

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