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Considering the Usefulness of New Tools

As a marketing and creative agency, we are always looking for new tools to help our clients better connect with their audience. One of the practices we follow includes looking at and testing new software, platforms, and technologies that could potentially help us help our clients.

Apple recently released a new video app called Clips, which Apple describes as “a new iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more.” We thought we’d give it a try to see if it’s a useful tool for Calypso. Spoiler alert — we decided we won’t be adding Clips to our internal tool library or using it for anything moving forward, but, we did create a video where we explain the importance of evaluating new tools and technologies.




We work on a lot of video projects for our clients, so when we first learned of Clips, we were excited to see if it could be something we could add to our toolkit. As someone with some experience shooting and editing video professionally, I found that the app was too limiting for me. I’m used to using more robust, professional video software, so while using Clips, I felt like I wanted more control over the app itself and wanted it to do more. Because of the limitations, we decided the app just isn’t a good fit for us. Before you test Clips out for yourself, here’s a quick rundown of a few other issues we encountered during our test run:


  • Recording (press and hold): You have to hold the record button down the entire time you’re recording. The same is true for adding a pre-made title card. If you want it to display for ten seconds, you’ll have to hold record for ten seconds.
  • Holding the phone (no landscape!): Although Clips automatically crops the video to a square, you’re required to hold the phone vertically. I prefer to hold the phone horizontally because it’s more comfortable and also offers more stability.
  • Editing (it’s a pain): Editing is not an easy task using this tool, particularly if you want to reshoot something or reorder your recorded video clips. Tip: Shoot your clips in order and don’t make any changes.
  • Audio (it’s inconsistent): There seem to be differences in the way the audio is recorded. For instance, a voice over added to a title card sounds different when compared to the audio from a video clip.
  • Feature limitations (no customization): You’re super limited as to what you can alter about the title cards. No changing colors or timing or direction of movement.
  • Music (one track to rule them all): Music tracks are linked to the full project, beginning to end. Basically, this means you do not have the ability to fade tracks in and out from one track to the next or start a music track at a specific point in your timeline.


The simplicity of this app makes it a good option for anyone who wants to create better quality videos, more quickly and easily. Because the app is light on functions and features, you can download the app without having to worry about distractions or a super-high learning curve. So, if you’re not a video professional and don’t have much experience shooting or editing video, it might be a great app to test out. While it’s not a contender for creating professionally produced videos, it is a tool we’d likely recommend to some clients who might be looking for new ways to bolster their social media presence with fun video content (music, title cards, voice-over) for their social channels. If you’re a professional video producer, don’t bother testing this one out. You’ll quickly find this app limiting and ultimately frustrating.

Marc Checket

Art Director

Marc is an art director at Calypso. He meets with partners to help determine and execute their visual needs. He is an expert in graphic design, video production, and dad jokes.

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