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Branding with a Little Holiday Spirit

The Internet is a live realm of ever-changing content and, as holidays fall during the winter months, what better way to show your company is vibrant and active than to decorate your brand for the holidays?

If you’re a brand manager, you likely interact with your brand by wearing an officer’s hat: controlling, approving, and applying rules. Close brand management provides consistency and drives brand recognition.


But making sure fonts and colors are always consistent are base rules to visual brand management. Styles and “feelings” can be applied, and that is what breathes life into what otherwise can become a stale brand identity. Digital presentation and design tools make it easy to show some holiday spirit. Online graphics are interchangeable, compared to what used to be costly print commitments where "evergreen" choices were preferred.


With careful adornment of holiday touches, you can avoid being an online version of that multi-color lighted, carol-singing, Christmas-crazed house on the block.


One way to add holiday spirit to your brand is by simply adorning the logo. Holiday logos can go into Christmas receipts, e-blasts, holiday videos, or company cards and gifts. You can even replace your website's logo for the whole month of December. Take, for example, the holiday-themed logos from Twitter and Stumble Upon. They’ve added jolly touches through the use of iconic symbolism and color choices (source:


Sometimes, all you need to apply is the “feeling” of the holiday season in your established brand personality.


Funky hobby shop? Add that bright multi-colored light strand to your logo.


Luxury retail brand? Adorn your site with classic, simple embellishments.


I love what BlueFly has done to decorate for the holidays: a classic wreath as a knockout logo element, fabulous gold ribbons on fashion photography, and classic red bows anchoring the top of the webpage.


Think about your brand personality. How could you add holiday spirit to your brand?

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