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6 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

Whether your day-to-day marketing efforts are managed by one person or an entire team, implementing a successful marketing strategy is a big undertaking. You may find you need additional expertise, a refined scope, and a larger team. In this case, an agency is worth considering. 

Most companies find they lack the time, expertise, and budget to put a proper marketing plan in place, which is why they turn to the experts like Calypso for help. Wonder if you could benefit from an agency’s know-how? If any of the signs below sound familiar, there’s a good chance partnering with an agency could be the solution to your marketing problems.


Your sales are declining instead of thriving


We all know, sales declines are a business’s worst nightmare. Whether your sales team isn’t receiving leads, or there is a problem converting leads, it may be time to consider turning to the experts for help. Marketing agencies have the knowledge and ability to build and implement strategic marketing plans designed to help companies reach their sales goals. An agency will monitor each campaign to measure its success, and if the plan is not going in the right direction, the agency will then adjust the plan to ensure leads are achieved.


Partnering with the marketing specialist can also give you time to focus on your sales strategy. A good marketing agency will learn your sales process and strategically build the marketing plan to support this process. An expert agency paired with a knowledgeable sales team is a dream team for success.


Your campaigns are unsuccessful


So, you’ve had success implementing campaigns before but you just can’t seem to replicate that success. Or you’ve found something that worked for years but it just isn’t producing the results it once did. Marketing geeks love to provide a fresh set of ideas. Marketing is a science. We conduct research on an industry and the target market and develop a hypothesis about how a campaign will perform. Then we begin to test the campaign, closely looking at analytics and making adjustments as needed. And after all of that is done, the last step is to evaluate the campaign as a whole and report on its results. 


You lack the budget for an in-house team


Compared to the cost of a full in-house marketing team, an agency is a more cost-efficient investment. A full in-house marketing team should consist of an inbound specialist, an SEO specialist, a team of designers, and a social media manager. When you hire a full-service agency, you gain access to a team of experts at a fraction of the price that have access to the latest marketing software. 


Don’t burn out an internal employee by assuming they can tack on marketing efforts to their current job title. This is a surefire way to see productivity and workplace happiness to take a plunge for the worst.


Your team doesn’t have the expertise needed


When it comes to marketing, we are pretty proud to say we know what we’re talking about. Agencies strategically build their teams to include specialists in every sector. We understand you are the experts in your own fields—that is why at the beginning of partnerships it is of utmost importance for your agency to be all ears. The most successful marketing campaigns come from when agencies pair your expertise in your industry to their expertise as marketers.


You’re busy multi-tasking


So, you’ve been managing your social media, blogging, and email marketing campaigns on and off with the help of a few willing employees. Do you ever see your team putting these efforts on the back burner because they have too much to do with their primary job? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to look into hiring an agency. Just as you should not neglect your primary job, marketing efforts should not be put on hold.


Let a marketing agency take this worry off your plate. Let the agency make it their priority to create, implement, and report on your marketing efforts. The bottom line is an agency’s job is to make sure everything gets done in a timely manner and most importantly done well.


You don’t have brand guidelines


Maybe we should have put this as the first of the six signs it’s time to hire a marketing agency—this is a MUST before embarking on any marketing campaign.


Brand guidelines define who you are as a company.


Much like your driver’s license contains all the important information about you, your guidelines contain everything one would need to know about your company’s identity.


Guidelines include messaging, mission, logo, brand color palette, and type style, just to name a few. Your company’s marketing campaigns need to match these brand standards. This not only helps build brand credibility but also helps increase brand recognition. In fact, something as simple as staying true to your brand’s color palette has been shown to increase brand recognition by 80%.


So before diving head first into any marketing efforts, make sure you understand your company’s identity and let your company’s personality shine through every aspect of your marketing.


If you read this blog and thought to yourself, “We have this problem," it may be time to consider hiring an agency. As you begin the process of exploring your options, don’t settle--make sure the agency you choose understands your goals and can act as an extension of your team. Begin with exploratory calls to learn where the agency's expertise lies and whether this aligns with your organization’s needs. Finding an agency that fits well will not only help to increase sales but will also make your life easier.  

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