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Stand Out in Their Inbox - 5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

The power of email marketing is undeniable. But with so many emails being sent everyday, it's important to be strategic in your delivery. Choose a platform, segment your list, offer value, incorporate video, and test your choices.

Email marketing has become an essential piece of any inbound strategy. Whether you see its value in attracting new leads and repeat business or believe it to be a lost cause unworthy of your annual budget, the fact is that running a successful email campaign can have a major impact on a business.


Although popular and cost-effective, email marketing does present one big challenge—standing out among the dozens, if not hundreds, of emails your target audience receives each day.


Does email really work?


By the numbers, it may appear as though the email marketing space is oversaturated, but open rates and consumer behavior data paint a different picture entirely.


According to an email report conducted by technology market research firm The Radicati Group, there will be 3 billion users sending and receiving over 246 billion emails per day by the end of this year. Despite the significant amount of noise in a consumer’s inbox, 73% of consumers prefer email for business and promotional communication.


Still questioning the power of email marketing? Many reports show that emails yield higher conversion rates than social media marketing or paid search results combined. 


Every $1 spent on email marketing returns an average of $44.


While the value is abundantly clear, launching an effective email campaign is often easier said than done. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five tips to help you enhance your email efforts and stand out in inboxes.


5 tips for successful email marketing


1. Choose an integrated email platform that works for you!


Making sure your CRM and email platform are integrated is crucial to generating the targeted hits and results you want. For example, your email platform will communicate with your CRM and tell you that a customer opened an email about Product A but not Product B. You can then use that knowledge to send that customer information on Product A and similar products. We’ll go over this more when reviewing our second tip!

Whether it’s HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any other platform, choosing the one that meets the needs of your organization while providing you insights into the actions your audience takes will act as the foundation for all of your email marketing efforts.


2. Segment and personalize your messages


It’s imperative that the collection form on your site or contact page is gathering the right information from prospective or current customers to allow for email personalization. Once you’ve compiled your list, you’ll want to segment it based on consumer behaviors to send relevant information and offers to the right people, at the right time (see above for information on email platform and CRM integration). Studies have shown that segmented campaigns have 14% higher open rates, and almost 55% more clicks, than non-segmented campaigns.

For example, it wouldn’t make sense to send a “welcome” email to a mixed bag of prospective consumers and the loyal ones that have been using your product or service for years. It’s important to recognize that your content must meet the needs of the customers as they move through the sales funnel and that one blanket email will not do the trick.


3. Offer something valuable


You're competing with hundreds of emails in an inbox—it’s not enough to tell your email list about a new product and expect them to engage. Entice them to take action or continue reading by offering something valuable that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Maybe it’s a special discount only available to email subscribers or valuable information via eBooks or other downloadable content like our free ROI calculator for example.

4. Incorporate video, GIFs, or other multimedia


Including multimedia in your emails can yield incredible results. In fact, incorporating video and GIFs into your messaging has been shown to increase open rates by almost 20% and click-through rates by 50%!


5. A/B test Everything


No successful campaign has ever been launched and left alone. Design an A/B test strategy to gain valuable insights from your current email marketing tactics and make adjustments for better results. Maybe you test short subject lines against longer ones or play around with different variations of the CTA. Whichever you choose, it’s important to only test one variable at a time to truly understand its effect on your email metrics.


Crafting a successful email marketing campaign is more of an art form than simply clicking “send.” It takes time to conduct the research, segment your audience, and draft the compelling copy to make your email efforts truly successful.

Blake Cornellier

Digital Marketing Strategist

Blake is a marketer at Calypso. He helps clients execute their marketing campaigns and manages their social accounts. Blake is an expert in social media, email marketing, and dropping fat beats.

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