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3 Elements of a Successful Brand

Branding involves a lot of introspection. You need to have an understanding of who you are, what you do, and how you can best serve your target market. Being consistent, creative, and a cultivator of your brand is the best way to achieve branding success.

Here at Calypso, branding is in our DNA. At almost every level of engagement with a client, we first must consider their brand—its strength, history, competitive space, etc. Whether you’re starting a new business or sparking life back into an established company, begin by looking at your branding. 


Below I have shared 3 elements to creating a successful brand. I encourage you to try applying the principles to your own brand.




Consistency is key! To be the most successful, all parts of your brand should work together and be recognizable. Think of your brand as a constellation. Each star shines on its own, but when things are in order and arranged just right, we can connect each one, and a shape emerges. If one star dims or disappears altogether, a shape would not be apparent. When assets are consistent with one another, your brand shines.


Consistency in your brand helps make your story visible to your audience. This includes internal and external messaging, your logo, and all the way down to collateral like letterhead and social graphics.




To have a successful brand, you must have a good understanding of what makes your business different. What are your unique features? What makes your service superior? How does your product measure up to the rest? When you know what makes you different, be creative with how you deliver that message.


Your audiences’ experience with your brand is key to its success.


Though your business strategy is important, a creative delivery of your brand collateral through something like the writing and design of an ad can evoke emotion. Don’t forget: people are emotional and people are your audience. Many of your competitors will be afraid to stick out their necks and will take a much more subdued approach. Bold brands are the ones we remember.




Like a garden, a brand is a living thing and requires nurturing in order to grow and stay strong. Business goals are studied, analyzed, and managed and sometimes change — your brand should continue to align with those goals as you move forward. Consider PR and marketing efforts to spread brand awareness, strengthen your reputation, and adapt to changes in the media landscape. Trusted brands are sensitive and quick to respond to the changing seasons.

When it comes to your brand, whether you’re focusing on sales, marketing, or building your internal teams, remember to maintain your identity throughout, evolve with the times, and take risks.


Despite all of this, ultimately your brand will be defined by how your audience perceives it. That’s not to say none of this matters; rather, it matters even more so. The more personal, creative, and adaptive your brand is, the easier it will be to maintain a positive presence.

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