Agency News, Press Releases  /  3.28.19

Calypso Welcomes New Digital Marketing Strategist

We couldn't be more excited to have Blake Cornellier join our expanding inbound marketing team. Blake will be working alongside directors and account managers to develop and execute on inbound strategies for agency clients like Unitil, Mason & Mason, VLACS, and Garrison Women's Health, among others.

Meet Blake, our new digital marketing strategist! Blake will be instrumental in assisting our marketing director and account managers on developing and executing engaging inbound marketing strategies and collateral. Blake came to us with an array of industry experience and is well versed in the hustle and bustle workflow associated with the agency life. When he’s not drafting witty social posts or crafting creative copy, Blake enjoys producing his own music and frequenting the many eateries and watering holes in downtown Portsmouth.


Welcome to Calypso, Blake!


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